BIG NEWS: Automate your Expense Reports with Tallie + Xero

Tallie Team
Tallie Team


You asked for it, and now it’s finally here! Tallie is proud to announce our deep, real-time integration with Xero. Look for our expense management app on the Xero Marketplace and start automating your small business’ expense reports right away.

Here are the highlights:

  • Full support of Xero Tracking Categories.
  • Sync Employees regardless of region.
  • Real-time data sync from Tallie to Xero.

Robust Tracking Category and approval support.

Xero allows businesses to keep two active Tracking Categories at any given time. Now, Tallie is the first expense report solution to let Xero users map their custom Tracking Category names to the accounting list of their choice (such as Departments, Classes and Projects.) This provides account administrators with a convenient way to take advantage of Tallie’s powerful list-specific features.

For example, a business might choose to track expenses based on custom Xero Tracking Categories “Region” or “Line of Business.” That company can now map “Line of Business” to Tallie’s Classes, allowing for configuration at multiple levels per our class hierarchy. By syncing a Tracking Category with a Project, they can also take advantage of our robust Project approval loop, and assign specific approvers based on projects and sub-jobs.

To sync a Xero Tracking Category with one of Tallie’s list items, first visit the Integrations & Sync page. Then click Sync Settings.

Tallie expense reports xero sync settings

Click Connect to Xero to authorize the data sync and import your active Xero Tracking Categories. Then, use the drop down menu to select a corresponding Tallie list item. Press Start Sync.

Tallie expense reports xero tracking categories

As per the above example, any expense given a particular Class or Location in Tallie is automatically assigned the matching Tracking Category when exported to Xero.

Sync Employees, no matter your region.

Depending on your region and subscription, Xero supports employee lists through either the Payroll or Contacts modules. Either way, Tallie syncs your employee data and ensures that any edits made to employee records in Tallie are immediately updated in Xero. No additional configuration required. If your company’s subscription doesn’t include Employee support in Xero, you may also import a list of users via spreadsheet.

Real-time data sync from Tallie to Xero.

Our Xero integration isn’t just thorough--it’s fast. Any change made in Tallie is automatically updated in Xero in real-time. Additionally, Tallie regularly checks Xero for updates to ensure both systems are always running in sync.

See our Xero integration improve your workflow in a free 1-on-1 product demo. You can also try Tallie FREE for 14 days with no obligation and no credit card required.

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